The Studio

Kontrollrumet - DrHans Studio

DrHans Studio – Control room

Welcome to a recording studio in Stockholm with  great acoustics!

The goal of the construction of the recording studio was to build a recording studio in Stockholm with really good acoustic conditions, but still at competitive prices.
Complemental to the excellent acoustics of the recording studio, we have also invested in equipment of high quality. See the equipment list–>
With 24 channels  simultaneous recording capability and separate recording rooms can an entire band be recorded at once with good separation between the sound sources.

The recording studio has been built in collaboration with acoustician Matts Odemalm from Svanå Miljötkenik–>

Well acoustic treated rooms are pleasant and fun to work in. And above all, sounds fantastic!


The Control room

The control room has  controlled acoustics with tuned basstrapps and diffusers in interaction to reproduce a clear sound with minimal impact of the room.

The recording rooms

The two recording rooms are built with floating floor and is acousticly adapdet for separate purposes.  The recording  rooms are built so that there is a possibility to make studio recordings in both rooms simultaneously with good separation of the sound sources.

Studio 1

DrHans Studio Inspelningsstudio Stockholm Haninge C Studio1

DrHans Studio – Studio1

DrHans Studio Inspelningsstudio Stockholm Haninge C Studio2

DrHans Studio – Studio2

The large recording room is about 30m2. The room is designed for recording of drums, choirs, small ensembles and other instruments where you want to include a larger natural room sound. With strong diffusing walls and ceilings, removable diffusing gobos, and tuned basstrapps.

Studio 2

The smaller recording room is about 12m2. The acoustics are a little more damped than in the big studio, but by means of diffusion and tuned basstrapps still highly detailed and tight. With a dedicated stronger diffusing vocalsection and controlled bassresponse. Used for vocals, and recording of bass and guitar amps etc.

Welcome to a recording studio in Stockholm with great acoustics!